mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Serbia: mattanza di uccelli da parte di cacciatori italiani

Serbia: parte degli uccelli sequestrati ai cacciatori italiani

Serbian campaigners are now fighting Serbian and Italian hunters who in the past 3 days have killed around 450 birds as can be seen in the photographs.

These birds are protected by Serbian nature laws; but after the police arrested the hunters, word came from higher up (government ?) that the hunters should be allowed to go free, and take all the birds bodies with them.
The Italian hunters also had in their possession some illegal arms.

On 5/9, the police and inspectors have gone to Bujanovac town, but the Italian hunters have already gone and taken the dead birds with them. Possibly they have gone to a region either North or South of Bujanovac. 
By Serbian law, the hunters must be arrested and punished – as they are killing protected birds. Campaigners think that because of the corruption within Serbia; the hunters will escape pubishment.
Campaigners sent their first charge to the authorities on 1/9/2012 as the police and inspectors did not act in agreement with the law. Initially the police did, but they were then informed from higher to stop their actions.
It is thought that the hunters may have gone to Jagodina, a Southern Serbian city, or possibly to Natalinci – a South Serbian village where it is known there is a hunters centre.

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